Guided Outrides


We offer Guided Outrides ranging from 2 hours to multiple days. All rides depart from Boulders Adventure Academy. We offer special pricing for groups and also schedule group tours regularly. 

Distance: 20km | Time: 2 Hours | Skill Level:  Advanced or good riding ability This is a technical half-day ride taking you to tunnels that have been carved in the sandstone over thousands of years, it is a very historical sight as it is the only place narrow enough to allow Ox wagons to cross, the tracks carved in the sandstone are still visible today, a ride most definitely worth doing.

Distance: 40km | Time: Half Day | Skill Level:  Advanced with good ability

This is an amazing technical ride with some rather challenging sections, the mountains tower above you as you negotiate the Caledon River.

This ride is definitely suited to the more advanced rider and the rider who has a sense of Adventure.

Distance: 60km | Time: Half Day | Skill Level:  Level 1 or good ability

This is a half-day ride, with some amazing scenery a slightly technical ride, a ride that takes you to the infamous Destiny Castle.

The views are absolutely amazing and well worth the ride.

Distance: 140km | Time: Full Day | Skill Level:  Level 1 or good ability

A Local day ride to too the quaint town of Rosendal, established in 1908 with the start of a church, built on a farm donated by Ms Botha who chose the name Rosendal, “valley of roses”
The ride itself is an all-day ride through the mountains with amazing views, we pass orchards of cherry trees when in bloom is an experience in itself, it is an all dirt ride, however pillion friendly and an easy ride ideal as a confidence builder for the less experienced.
Lunch is in Rosendal, a lunch stop with a difference must be experienced.

Distance: 340km | Time: Full Day | Skill Level:  Good Cornering Ability

The Katse Dam on the Malibamatso’s river in Lesotho is Africa’s second-largest double – curvature arch dam. It is part of the Lesotho Highlands water project.
Katse is the highest elevation dam in Africa at 1993 metres above sea level. The dam wall is a height of 185 metres with an impressive length of 710 metres.
The ride itself is an all tar ride with twists and turns, steep ascents and descents giving you an exhilarating ride and mind-blowing views, you climb to 2950 metres above sea level and back down to the dam wall.
The total ride is approximately 340 kms long, it has so many twists and turns that it takes the whole day to complete, just another exhilarating one day’s ride.

Distance: 400km | Time: Full Day | Skill Level:  Good Riding Ability

Probably the most scenic and thrilling all tar ride you will ever do, encompassing two mind-blowing mountain passes and summiting the highest road in the Mountain Kingdom, the total distance is approximately 400 km’s of amazing twists and turns, sweeping corners on probably one of the best surfaces you have ever ridden. This ride is a must.

Distance: 180km | Time: Full Day | Skill Level:  Good Riding Ability

Afriski and Liphofung caves.
This is an exhilarating all tar ride with its many twists and turns taking you up the steepest pass in the Mountain Kingdom, taking you up to 3220 metres above sea level.
Should the opportunity arise we continue to 3275 metres above sea level to the famous Letseng diamond mine, returning for lunch at Afriski, the Snow Ski resort.
After a relaxing lunch, we head back down Motebeng pass and stop off at Liphofung caves.

This small but historically significant sandstone overhang is adorned in San Rock Art and served as a hideout for King Mosheshe, he hid in these caves for twenty years before he became the Nations founder.

Distance: 300km | Time: Full Day | Skill Level:  Level 1 or good ability

The Pass of Guns ride is an exciting day ride comprising of both tar and gravel. The first 110kms is tar with lots of twists and turns taking you from an altitude of 1500metres to over 3200 metres above sea level, this is Moteng pass  the steepest pass in Lesotho, past the well known Afriski resort, From here we proceed along the highest road in Southern Africa the start of the Tlaeeng pass at 3275 metres above sea level. It’s lowest point is higher than the highest pass in South Africa.  This is where the famous diamond mine “Letseng ” the highest diamond mine in the world is found.

From here we turn onto a good gravel road that is maintained by the likes of Kao mine meandering through the Motete valley. The first 30kms is very easy and thereafter the road not as well maintained making for some easy but interesting riding, with ascents, descents some rocky sections and water crossings a very enjoyable and scenic ride. We finally return to tarmac not too far from the famous Katse dam.

From here we head back via one of the most exciting roads you will probably ever ride, with its twists and turns, steep ascents and descents and the most amazing views this takes us back up over the mountains to over 2950 metres above sea level and back down to 1500 metres.

Distance: 200km | Time: Full Day | Skill Level:  Level 1 or good ability

The ride which is aptly named Monantsa, due to the border crossing through which one leaves the Kingdom. Monatsa Pass connects the Eastern Free State with the Kingdom of Lesotho.
The ride starts at Caledenspoort border post and after a short tar section we turn off onto dirt.
From here the road meanders past small settlements into the mountains giving one some fabulous views and amazing riding.
The road finally drops down towards the Caledon river, the border between Lesotho and South Africa, we follow the Caledon for a while stopping for a rest next to the river, where one can observe part of the water tunnel scheme. 
Leaving this beautiful spot we pass open fields where if luck is on our side we have the opportunity of spotting the red bald Ibis which frequent the area.  Our next stop is not too far off next to a natural stone wall, an amazing geological feature, and always a good spot for photos.  From here on out the ride starts getting a little more interesting as we climb up into the mountains leaving the plains behind.  You will also find it is now becoming less inhabited, however the route is inhabited all the way.
We will stop readily to rest and observe the magnificent views and waterfalls we find along the way. We will also stop at our secret caves a great resting spot.
Finally, after approximately 120kms you reach the Lesotho border post at Monantsa, once cleared you to climb up probably one of the steepest passes you will ever have ridden, fortunately, this is a paved road, at the top, you will find the South African border post.
Once cleared, you travel down the other side, and on reaching the bottom we turn off and enter Golden Gate, this is really a highlight and not seen or by many, we travel through Golden Gate descending down the mountains and plains generally being lucky enough to observe herds of different Antelope and Wildebeest crossing your path.
Finally arriving on the tar road taking you back through the mountains of Golden Gate.
From Boulders back to Boulders is approximately 200 km’s.


Distance: 490km | Time: 2 Days | Skill Level:  Level 1 With good ability

This ride starts on tar and traverses one of the most scenic mountain passes in the kingdom taking you through the Bokong nature reserve.  The first 120kms is tar with lots of twists and turns taking you from an altitude of 1500metres to over 3200 metres above sea level, this is  Mafika Lisiu pass, one of  the steepest passes in Lesotho.  This is one of the most amazing Tar passes in Lesotho and offers the most magnificent views, it is a steep windy climb all the way to the top, on reaching the summit you will be blown away by the view.  What goes up must go down and we start our steep descent to the town of Lejone, a couple of more twists and turns along the western side of the dam eventually brings us to our turn off onto gravel.  We are now on the western shores of the dam, this gives us exhilarating views with some steep ascents and descents, from here we cross over on the southern portion of the dam and head up to Katse Lodge where we will have a lunch stop.

After lunch and a quick fuel stop for those that need it, we proceed along the eastern shores of the dam, once again taking in the magnificent views, finally, we reach our overnight destination at Motebeng Lodge.

The next morning after breakfast we head out onto the famous Kao mine road.  The first 30kms can be quite technical as it is not as well maintained, as the second half this is known as “Motete “ valley,  however, this offers some amazing riding with ascents and descents, some rocky sections, and water crossings.  The second half of this road is really good as it is maintained by the mines.  Finally, we reach the tar road again, this is the highest road in Southern Africa the Tlaeeng pass at 3275 meters, this is where the highest diamond mine in the world is found “Letseng”.  Letseng diamond mine was the first diamond mine in Lesotho and is world-renowned for producing the first 95-carat diamond.

By now we should be ready for lunch at the famous Afriski Resort found at the top of Moteng pass, this is most certainly the steepest pass in Lesotho, we descend from an altitude of 2840 metres back to 1500 metres, and head back to Boulders for your overnight stay before heading home the next morning.

Distance: 670km | Time: 2 Days | Skill Level:  Advanced with good riding ability

A bucket list and challenge to most folk, the pass starts at an altitude of 1544 metres and climbs 1322 vertical metres to an altitude of 2876 metres, the pass is approximately 9 km’s in length.

The entire trip consists of both tar and gravel and covers Five mountain passes in total, interesting and historical stops are made along route and we spend the first night just outside a small town at the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains with Giants Castle as your view.
After a great breakfast, we refuel and ascend the mighty Sani Pass, the route back to Boulders Adventure Academy is probably one of the best rides in the world, encompassing the steepest pass in the mountain Kingdom and taking you to the highest point in the kingdom, a better ride would be difficult to find, certainly world-class.

Distance: 1000km | Time: 3 Days | Skill Level:  Advanced with good riding ability

SA’s High Five, is not merely a ride but rather a challenge, to take on the 5 highest passes in South Africa.
The idea originated a couple of years ago when on holiday in Tiffindell, I decided to ride to the top of Ben MacDhui 3001metres high and the highest pass in South Africa, of course, this was impossible as there was no road or even footpath to the top so I went as far as possible which was a couple of meters from the top.  It was at this time the idea of the highest passes came to mind and after discussion with a good friend and owner of Tiffindell, the High Five became a reality, thus work began on completing a track to the highest point.
SA’s High Five should not be taken lightly and thus rather a challenge than a ride, to complete this one will need a good riding ability, a sense of adventure, and minimum intermediate tyres (preferably knobblies).
Leave Boulders after an early breakfast, the first pass we encounter is Lundeans Neck, not to be underestimated, ( this however is not part of the five ) but leads us to the beginning of the high five.

A summary of South Africa’s Extreme High Five:

  • No 1. Ben McDhui – The highest pass in South Africa. Known as “Makhollo” has some tough switch backs summitting at an altitude of 3001 metres.
  • No 2. The “TT” Highest traverse in South Africa.
    This Traverse is 27 km’s long and takes you right onto the Lesotho border at a height of 2666 metres.
  • No3.  Naudes Neck, third highest pass in South Africa 2590 metres.
    This gruelling pass was pioneered by the Naude Brothers in the 1890’s.
  • No4.  Volunteershoek pass, also known as the War trails, is the 4th highest pass in South Africa.
    This pass is certainly not for the faint hearted or average rider.
  • No 5.  Carlisle’s hoek pass, fifth-highest pass in South Africa @ 2563 meters.
    This pass is very steep yet very scenic, probably the easiest of the High Five.

This is certainly a challenge not to be missed!